MSU Scholarship. Satisfying the initial criteria listed does not guarantee that a student will receive an award. COVID-19. However, they are required for scholarship eligibility, and may be needed for placement purposes or admission to certain programs at MSU ( for example: Music, Nursing, Space Science, and Veterinary Technology). Honors College STATE Scholarship Awarded to a select set of Michigan resident Honors College invitees; $5,000 annually; eight semesters. Stephen P. Pougnet and Christopher J. Representatives from Michigan State University will be hosting virtual events for students and high school counselors in Wyoming and Michigan's Upper Peninsula to present information about the STARR Scholarship program, MSU's admissions policies and to answer any questions you may have. Meet the academic performance requirements of a 3.5 science GPA and 3.5 overall GPA with at least three upper level biological science courses, on record, prior to applying to MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine to qualify to waive the MCAT. Coronavirus impacts education abroad programming . Search by subject, term, country and more . The STARR Charitable Foundation Scholarship review panel will focus upon a variety of qualities and characteristics to select the nominees for the award. Program Search . You may be offered a scholarship through the Office of Admissions simply by applying to MSU. Scholarship Who's Eligible Maximum Award Per Year Eligibility Requirements Required Enrollment; MSU Denver Earned Scholarship: Participants of RaiseMe . Scholarship notifications are mailed separately from admission packets between December and April. Have a high school GPA of 2.8 or better (maintain a 2.0 at MSU for annual renewal) Enroll in a minimum of six (6) credit hours per term. If you have an overall GPA of 2.0 or better and a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the MSU Office of Financial Aid, you may be eligible for one or more of the following scholarships. All Honors College scholarships require good standing in the Honors College in order to be renewed, if applicable. You must be enrolled and in good standing in a College of Nursing undergraduate or graduate program. The Honors College will be using the new MSU Scholarships system. Institutional Scholarships. External scholarships can be found by using these free national scholarship search services: Scholarship Search by Sallie Mae, Fastweb, and Scholarship Hunter. News All admitted applicants are automatically considered for institutional scholarship aid. This GPA includes … Unless otherwise noted, the scholarships below cannot be combined. Green Endowed Scholarship, is awarded to a currently enrolled student of junior or senior standing (preference is given to students enrolled in The Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University). If the donor letter does not specify a distribution schedule, MSU will pay awards of $300 or less all in the fall semester. MSU Denver offers a variety of Institutional Scholarships. Submit an application for admission. The Graduate Merit Scholarship will be sent out to all enrolled and newly admitted students in late February for the following academic year. Other Scholarship Opportunities. Scholarships for Current Honors College Students Honors College scholarships awarded to current students based on academic achievement in an enriched course of … First year and transfer students should contact Drew Kim, Director of Recruiting and K-12 Outreach at (517) 353-7282 or for further information. These funds are awarded based on a first-come first-served basis. Should you choose to submit a test score, only your best ACT or SAT test score will be used. Eligibility is open to all MSU students pursuing any degree/major are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Apply to Michigan State University as soon as possible, but no later than November 1 of the year prior to entry to MSU.. Satisfying the initial criteria listed does not guarantee that a student will receive an award. No essay is required for these awards. Criteria. All documents and transcripts must be on file by the deadline in order to be considered for these scholarships. Awarded to a limited number of incoming freshmen based on grade point average, class rank, standardized test scores or similar criteria, Awarded to a limited number of students transferring to Michigan State from another college or university based on listed criteria, Awarded by individual colleges and departments based on academic level or major preference. Students who apply for admission by November 1 of their senior year in high school will receive maximum scholarship consideration. Submit four essays. Candidates must demonstrate academic excellence and involvement with or contributions to LGBT communities. Office for Education Abroad (EA) Financial Need Scholarship. Scholarships and grants to help fund students who participate in Education Abroad programs outside the U.S. Awards larger than $300 will be s… In all cases, the criteria for each scholarship will be the basis for selecting the recipients. In addition to the NatSci scholarships, students may also apply for MSU scholarships and grants offered through the MSU Office for Education Abroad. The scholarships listed below are administered by entities outside of JCMU. Montana’s STEM Scholarship   (Application will be posted December 1) Additional majors are acceptable. MSU will review your weighted (if available) GPA for ninth through 11th grades. Scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen based on grade point average, class rank, standardized test scores or similar criteria. Current and prospective MSU students may also check: MSU Scholarship Database: A comprehensive listing of scholarships offered by MSU. General scholarships (open to all students) Departmental scholarships (restricted to students within a specific major/field) Fellowships (open to graduate students) Information Sessions. Full-time MSU students can apply for scholarships for education abroad. Submission of the General Scholarship Application . MSU does not superscore tests. This award can be forfeited if the scholar changes to a non-technical major, falls below the 3.0 GPA or enrolls for less than 12 hours per semester at MSU. MSU will review your weighted (if available) GPA for ninth through 11th grades. Requirements: Students must be sophomores in a major in Social Science. Your essay and other information from your application may also be used in the selection process. Any supplemental documents required for particular scholarships can be downloaded from this site. If the donor specifies what semester(s) the award is for, MSU will follow their wishes. Scholarship selection criteria vary. Must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 at MSU to remain eligible for the continuation of funding. 3. Scholarship selection criteria vary. $1,000 ($500 per term). To qualify for these scholarships, you must meet the specific criteria and also meet General Scholarship Policies. Scholarships are open to all nursing students who meet the eligibility requirements described for each award in the MSU College of Nursing Scholarship Listing, which is available by contacting your advisor.