, From the many reportage about Telford, we chose the one of our friends at Quick Kits. To enrich the appearance of lower hull under the fenders I used enamel weathering products and large brush for speckling of the paints on the model. With that said, acrylics are usually the best choice for beginners when painting model cars simply because the cleanup is easier and there aren’t as many safety concerns, but don’t let that deter you from using enamels if that’s what you want to do. google_ad_slot = "9828769839"; A gallery of paints and weathering techniques, to help the beginners to know the many different methods around. Weathering with an acrylic wash Mix black or dark colored paints into a cup of water. They will work on models in any scale and made of different materials. Easy aircraft weathering. Another effect of heavy handling on a real tank is that paint will … Old biplanes (and not just them) have most of the times wooden propellers, and this video shows how to reproduce their Laminated Wood effect. Back to Basics - Painting and Weathering for Beginners, Embedded video for Back to Basics - Painting and Weathering for Beginners, a selection of tutorials about the weathering, Painting wooden propellers - Laminated wood effect, Unboxing the Ultimate BF 109 FRIEDRICH by EDUARD. Tweets by jcsriptrack. If you’re new to weathering overall, not just weathering models with acrylics, then read this … If the item being weathered is a locomotive then separate the chassis to avoid getting the mechanism wet. Method: Dust the model first with a clean brush to remove deposits. Sep 27, 2019 - Explore FineScale Modeler magazine's quick and easy weathering tips for more realistic models. google_ad_height = 600; Rust Texture Weathering Effect 40 ml Vallejo. Weathering is super easy and fun and will make your model realistic. The techniques described here can be used individually or combined to create an endless variety of weathering patterns. Chipping paint. It is a collaboration with Panzermeister36, whose YouTube channel some of you may already be familiar with.