Practice makes perfect. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Push off the wall on your back. First, you have to learn to move your legs in the backstroke position and keep your arms in a specific way. Avoid bringing your chin to your chest while doing the backstroke since it lifts your head out of the water and makes you less aerodynamic. How To Do Backstroke Body Position. When improving your backstroke aim to keep your body position as flat as you can to be streamlined with the water with a slight slope down to the hips to keep the leg action underwater. New Business Assistance with NEIS. That’s how confident I am that you will love Backstroke Swimming Steps - A Step x Step Guide ! It should take a little bit of practice and training to keep them there, but after a while it should be easy and you will not need as much air to stay up. The leg action starts with a bend at the knee joint to drop the lower legs (leg recovery) to set up the propulsive phase. But your backstroke flutter kick should go farther up and down than your freestyle flutter kick. The smaller your profile in the water, the less resistance you'll feel as you swim and the easier it will be to go fast. Brad Hurvitz is a Certified Swimming Instructor for My Baby Swims, an adolescent swimming school based in La Jolla, California. Jeff Pease, a longtime swim coach who's in charge of North Coast Aquatics in Carlsbad, Calif., has a detailed plan on how he'd teach the backstroke to first-timers. Place Your Feet. “The key for most people when swimming backstroke is to maintain proper body position, which essentially means keeping your core taut and your hips and feet high,” says Chris Georges, USA Masters-certified swim coach who has been coaching for more than 40 years. The backstroke stroke is often misleading to a Pro-freestyler due to the fact it’s VERY fundamentally similar to freestyle. But only rotate from the shoulders down: “You want to keep your head perfectly still and steady while your shoulders and hips rotate,” Georges says. Experiment a little bit, and see what works and is the most comfortable for you. Backstroke is one of the four swimming styles used in competitive events. How do I finish without hitting the wall? But your backstroke flutter kick should go farther up and down than your freestyle flutter kick. Here are some tips on how to do backstroke to help you get started. These bars are advantageous for some, but chances … Your feet should come in toward your torso. Today, the elementary backstroke style is reserved for recreational purposes and teaching children how to swim and generally beginners. You should have an ever-so-slight "wiggling" motion — your right hip should go down when your right leg kicks and vice versa. Also, swim four laps and see how much time that took. Learning how to do the backstroke perfectly is a simple matter of practicing your form. This article was co-authored by Brad Hurvitz. This is essential and you need to focus on every step so that you can become stable in the water. To maximize your power in the backstroke, you should slightly roll your body from side to side. The more plantar flexibility you have, the faster your kick will be—in both of these strokes. To do so, visit the Kraken page to sign up for an account. Keep these 6 factors in mind during your next workout. I read this article and it works for me. Though they aren't required for the backstroke, goggles are a good idea, especially if you're doing flip turns. Elements of Perfect Backstroke. Certified Survival Swimming Instructor. Since earning her first professional title in 2011, Lidbury has become a podium regular on the IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 circuits, with a collection of IRONMAN 70.3 wins and two top-ten finishes in the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship. The key to good backstroke is rotation and head position. Learning how to do the backstroke perfectly is a simple matter of practicing your form.