She found there was no evidence in his past that Captain Briggs would do anything irrational or hasty. Haunting of the Mary Celeste showed so much promise building up its characters and its own premise as a supernatural thriller. I mean, I think I feel that way about a lot of my creative work. Later, she took her love for pop culture with her to college, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts from Suffolk University and a Masters Degree in Literature from University of Massachusetts Boston. Captain Benjamin Briggs (pictured) was an experienced and "courageous" sailor, although this would be his first voyage on the Mary Celeste. I've spent a lot of time in the water, but I've never done anything quite like that. He was only awarded about one-fifth what the ship and cargo were worth, much less than would be expected in such a case normally. The film from Vertical … A variation on this theory is that the fumes ignited, causing a huge bang. We're doing it in the middle of the night. More tellings, like a 1935 film starring Bela Lugosi, muddled things further. According to Ghost Ship, what they found was a perfectly serviceable vessel ... with no one onboard. The slight damage to the rigging and sails almost certainly happened after the ship was abandoned. RELATED: Supernatural's Amara Teases Her Role in the Fight Against God. Le navire, qui avait quitté New York un mois plus tôt, était endommagé avec le gréement endommagé et la cale partiellement inondée mais était toujours en état de naviguer. By 1872, the ship had yet another new owner, a new captain, and a new name. 'Tis the season, so I'd love to hear about your favorite horror movies and perhaps the ones that influenced your role in Haunting of the Mary Celeste. It was such a cool feeling, and then seeing it was really exciting, because I didn't know quite what it was going to look like. I love it. RELATED: HBO Max's Charm City Kings Is An Ideal Quarantine Movie. I don't know if there was a horror movie that inspired me. I think that that mystery around it serves the film well. Of course, he's done so many incredible things. But by 1867, disaster was rearing its ugly head again. According to The Independent, Cussler's expedition had retrieved timber from the wreck, and when it was analyzed by the Geological Survey of Canada and the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona, they found there was no way this was the Mary Celeste. There was no blood or signs of struggle. It's like a spooky thriller. So I was so happy that I got to work with him. They were just a power duo that way. And that was something that was really in Shana's imagination, like how do we put that image on screen in a way that -- like, it's not something literal that you can play out. Although the logbook indicated that the Mary Celeste had hit the same bad weather all other ships in the Atlantic were also running into at that time, when the last entry was written on November 25, everything was fine. On Nov. 7, 1872, Captain Benjamin Briggs and the crew of the Mary Celeste, a merchant ship with a cargo of denatured alcohol, had left New York Harbor for Genoa, Italy. The Mary Celeste had been used to transport coal on her previous voyage. Most of the details of these empty ships have been lost to history, and the story of the Mary Celeste might have been forgotten, too, if not for one significant difference. There are many interesting characters in the novel, include the famous Arthur Conan Doyle. So I can't claim to be overly impressed with what director Shana Betz managed to do with the material from the writers. I think maybe the first moment that we get to see the physical representation of what this rift is. Tell me a little about those underwater sequences and what the process of filming them looked like for you. It seems the Mary Celeste was bad luck to the last. Not every character on "The Haunting of Bly Manor" has a happy ending. They hailed the ship, but when they got no reply, a couple of the crew members rowed over to see what was up. As I was watching, something that struck me about the movie was how a lot of the shots were tight on faces. Captain Parker took the Mary Celeste on one last voyage around Haiti ... and crashed her straight into a reef. That is, after all, why there was a legal procedure when Captain Morehouse salvaged the Mary Celeste: because the situation was a relatively normal occurrence. The Haunting of Bly Manor uses its primary 1987 storyline to explain Jamie's presence at the 2007 wedding rehearsal in Northern California. Empty ship, creepy situation, theories about what happened, the end. During the first four episodes, Dani is haunted by the memory of her deceased ex-fiancee , Edmund (Roby Attal), who was struck and killed by a vehicle shortly after Dani ended their relationship, the result of her attraction to women. RELATED: James Bond: No Time to Die May Skip Theaters as Streamers Launch Bidding War. Directed by Shana Betz, Haunting of the Mary Celeste stars Emily Swallow, Richard Roundtree, Alice Hunter, Ava Acres, Dominic Devore and Pierre Adeli. They couldn't figure out why, but it seemed like the occupants had left "in a great hurry.". The now-Mary Celeste was about to set off from New York Harbor, across the Atlantic to Italy. Personally I have a thing against movies that leave things open without any real closure. On the less-sensationalized end, an investigation chronicled in the 2007 documentary “The True Story of the Mary Celeste” was able to offer no definite conclusion, but did suggest a … There were seven other crew members, including First Mate Albert Richardson, who was considered good enough to have captained the ship himself. Then, on Nov. 25, the captain enter… Flora, Miles, and Uncle Henry survive the events of Bly Manor and move to America. But by 2005, the history of the Mary Celeste had to be rewritten yet again. So when the weather improved, Briggs could have ordered "every hatch, door and window" opened (which is how they were found), attached the lifeboat to the ship with a rope, and ordered everyone in while the dangerous fumes dissipated. Based on notes in the ship's log, it appears the Mary Celeste's chronometer (the instrument that lets sailors know their location based on longitude) was faulty, and Briggs would have been slightly lost. It's ridiculous.". THE GHOST OF THE MARY CELESTE is a wonderfully ingenious novel, compelling, convincing and exciting. Seven years later, she was transferred to American ownership, and was re-christened as the Mary Celeste . The Haunting of Bly Manor is primarily based on The Turn of the Screw – with other James works frequently referenced – but the ending to the series is rather different to that of the 1898 novella. So I definitely relate to the obsession that she has. The hold was still full of the cargo of denatured alcohol. Haunting of the Mary Celeste is bringing horror to the high seas. but it was really fun. Abandoned ships were uncommon but not unheard-of in the 1800s. The Mary Celeste was a merchant brigantine that was launched under British registration in 1861 as Amazon. Countries Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United States. With Emily Swallow, Richard Roundtree, Ava Acres, Pierre Adele. He was such a team player. When the ship was discovered, nine of the barrels in the hold were empty. So it was awesome. I mean, he is just delightful. Victoria Pedretti Breaks Down Haunting Of Bly Manor's Heartbreaking Ending. Not Captain Gilman Parker. The Mary Celeste, December 5th, 1872. The Bermuda Triangle might get a mention, because why not? There's also, I think, at the core of it, it's compelling. The Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia found her in a dishevelled but seaworthy condition under partial sail and with her lifeboat missing. But that was far from the end for the Mary Celeste. She loves to apply her education to her work writing editorials and conducting interviews. Still others try to explain the mystery of the Mary Celeste with more logical explanations, such as natural disaster. Directed by Shana Betz. The true story of the Mary Celeste gets lost behind the dramatic effects, but that doesn't make the central mystery any more bizarre: What the heck happened to the ten souls onboard? I tried not to think about it as much as possible! Rachel (Emily Swallow, The Mandalorian, Supernatural) is convinced the crew of the Marie Celeste met their fate at the hands of something paranormal. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Since the weather had been bad, the hold had been closed up for weeks. The film stars Emily Swallow, Richard Roundtree, Ava Acres, Pierre Adele, Dominic DeVore, and Alice Hunter.. Eike Schroter/Netflix Netflix's "The Haunting of Bly Manor" is filled with complex characters whose stories are told over the course of nine episodes. I think this one, one of the appealing things is that it does have these very flawed humans and you need to find ways to connect to them. She was found in disheveled condition… with her lifeboat missing and the last entry in the log dated ten days earlier. On the ship's maiden voyage, the captain came down with pneumonia and died. CBR: What would you want viewers to know about The Haunting of the Mary Celeste before they sit down to watch it for the first time? Verified Purchase . Aside from Haunting of the Mary Celeste, Emily Swallow has returned to play her Supernatural role Amara for the final season of the CW show after … But Cussler and his team did it and proudly showed off artifacts from the ship recovered by their divers. It was so surreal. It was after we'd finished -- so we shot everything with the boat up in the Bay Area, kind of around South Toledo. It seems that even on the bottom of the ocean, the Mary Celeste is still able to screw with people. To claim salvage rights, the captain of the Dei Gratia had to go through the courts. Plus, his wife and child were onboard. She picked up her first comic in high school and fell instantly in love with the medium. It's about the "kind of love that feeds you as opposed to takes from you." They would go to any lengths to get the right angle, to get the right atmosphere, to work out the scene the right way. Haunting of the Mary Celeste also stars Richard Roundtree, Ava Acres, Pierre Adele, Dominic DeVore, and Alice Hunter. The ending of The Haunting of Hill House explained By Christopher Gates / Oct. 25, 2018 9:49 am EST For a horror story, Netflix 's The Haunting of Hill House doesn't have a typical ending. Richard Roundtree is basically a legend, so I'd love to hear about your experience working with him. Still, it does seem like the Mary Celeste had more than her fair share of bad luck long before its infamous voyage. Cussler might be known for writing popular fiction, but he has serious credentials in the historic shipwreck discovery field as well, leading expeditions that found almost 70 by 2001, including some that were extremely notable. Those who believe that natural disaster was the cause of the ship’s demise say that one possibility is that the Mary Celeste got caught in a tornado at sea which whisked away the crew but left the ship practically intact. EIKE SCHROTER/NETFLIX. During a large gale, the ship was blown onto rocks off the east coast of Canada. I mean, I hope that they get a good little thrill, and I really hope that they connect to the heart of it, because I feel like that's one of the things that is a little different from some horror -- I don't even know if I call it a horror movie. I was delighted to see this film was helmed by a woman director, but how did that change your experience on set? You just had to fit in the space. Warning: Major spoilers for "The Haunting of Bly Manor" ahead. There's never an end to that. What at first seemed like a simple matter quickly turned strange. I think that the movie that will always scare me the most is Arachnophobia, because I am truly terrified of spiders. I don't know! He's such a down-to-Earth guy. The documentarian Anne MacGregor looked into the case in 2007 (via Smithsonian). How does an entire boatload of people just disappear in the middle of the ocean? The Haunting of Bly Manor ties up its intricately woven ghost story with an ending that's both sweet and heartbreaking. Ghost Ship: The Mysterious True Story of the Mary Celeste and Her Missing Crew records one crew member who worked on the Amazon for two years around this time as insisting later in life that there was "nothing unusual about the ship.". In this supernatural psychological thriller, researcher Rachel takes her assistants Grant and Cassandra on her mission to discover what happened to the Mary Celeste, an American merchant ship whose crew mysteriously disappeared at sea. One of the reasons that the script was appealing to me is that at the core of it, there's this very human story of this woman who's so obsessed with figuring something out, putting something together, finding answers, being proven right, that she kind of drives herself and all the people around her to disaster. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the problems started immediately. Every scene with him, it was fun. Those who knew him said he was teetotal and read the Bible regularly. But he couldn't prove it, so the judge gave the captain a salvage award, although much less than the ship and her contents were worth. " Ghost Ship records that the Dei Gratia crew divided up and sailed both ships to Gibraltar. The jury refused to convict because of the death sentence possibility, but Parker died within three months, anyway. That they travelled through some kind of dimensional rift which took the crew but left the … Haunting of the Mary Celeste is bringing horror to the high seas. It's funny, because you can do all this work to bring something to a character, but if you can't block out all the distractions, it doesn't matter. According to Naked History, she eventually finished the voyage to Italy and then returned to New York the next year. An experiment in 2006 found this was possible without leaving any scorch marks. As for a giant squid attack, while they have been known to grab onto boats very rarely, it would take an extremely special animal to pick off almost a dozen people and drag them into the deep. He believed either the crew of the Dei Gratia was working with those on the Mary Celeste in some sort of financial scam, or they had killed everyone onboard. They sold the vessel to a local man, who immediately sold her again. [laughs] So that's the first one that comes to mind. It was a known reef, not one that would sneak up on an experienced captain. He loaded the Mary Celeste with virtually worthless cargo — cheap boots and cat food, according to The Telegraph, rotten fish and stale beer per other sources. That was something, when I was reading it, I was like, "What on earth is this going to look like?" On November 5, 1872, a ship called The Mary Celeste set sail from New York City bound for Genoa hauling about 1700 barrels of denatured alcohol (a poisonous alcohol mostly used as fuel). Rachel, a concerned researcher, and her team have set out to sea to prove that the disappearance of a family and crew from a merchant ship was for reasons having to do with the supernatural. Haunting of the Mary Celeste is mostly the skin and bones of what is meaty potential for a supernatural horror film. The BBC reported the wreck was "almost completely covered by coral," which made finding it especially difficult. And some have claimed the Mary Celeste's occupants robbed another ship of treasure and then started new lives in Spain ... which would mean that the captain and his wife just abandoned their young son, whom they'd left in America. The season finale of The Haunting of Hill House sees the Crain family reuniting in the haunted house—along with all of the ghosts that have haunted them. So there was no reason to doubt he'd done it again, with the most famous ship to date. So when he finally saw land (the Azores), and having no way of knowing if the ship might sink, Briggs … The Mary Celeste and her cargo were worth a lot of money, and the laws of the sea said "finders, keepers. I think he's at the point where he's like, "I've seen it all." If someone regales you with the tale of the Mary Celeste, the infamous ship found floating empty in the Atlantic in 1874, they will probably throw in some gruesome details — a bloody sword, a drunken crew, meals still sitting out half-eaten. And there was absolutely nothing scary about the story whatsoever. The Mary Celeste was built in Canada in 1861 and originally called the Amazon. In most tellings, the tale stops there. KEEP READING: Shudder's A Creepshow Animated Special Delivers a Haunting Trailer. And sailing in the mid-1800s was far from a safe undertaking. That was an area where Shana also really helped, because she would guide us into the scene and she was very aware when something was playing too big for those tight shots. Lower air pressure resulting from a waterspout might have thrown off measurements of how deep the water level was in the ship’s hull. And while the crew of the Dei Gratia was under suspicion, they had no motive. Sometimes, he would just go off on some random tangent and improvise something, something bizarre, but it all wound up bringing us back to these great moments and how those scenes played out. Show He's such a generous actor. Where did those ten people go and why?