We’ve seen this to be a problem with the Baxi Solo range on a number of occasions. The room thermostat acts by turning the heating on and off anyway so as long as the room is above the set temperature the heating is off and not consuming any gas. Hi I have a logic combi ideal 35 boiler and the central heating won't turn off! If your boiler has boiler stopped working completely, it goes without saying that this is not a good sign. Heating won't turn off unless hot water demand is present on programmer. Ask Your Own UK Plumbing Question. Andrew Smith, Engineer. Turn the power supply to the boiler off, wait for 60 seconds, and then turn it back on again. This is a valve that controls the flow of water in a central heating system, particularly the water that goes from the boiler to other parts of the system. Thanks. Can't turn the central heating off on a Ferroli T-One 30c HE combi boiler. It is a simple query which can be rise with any boiler. Could it be the boiler which is under guarantee? nateraine, 18 Oct 2019, in forum: Plumbing and Central Heating. Unlike the conventional boiler, combi boilers provide on demand heating to your radiators and domestic hot water. Programmable room thermostat : This control type combines a boiler programmer and room thermostat together. If you have a combi or system boiler, which are both sealed systems, there is likely to be a water pressure gauge on the front. Pump Problem 8: Pump won’t turn off. Range 30 - 85° C. Power On Indicator - The indicator will illuminate when there is power to the boiler. Other potential faults The blackout lasted a few hours and when the electricity came back on, the boiler turned back on as well. Central Heating Temperature Control System Pressure Gauge OFF Position The boiler will not operate. It results in the radiators coming on in the house and our baby's bedroom getting far too hot! No flame showing on the wireless stat. Show More. There are many central heating systems as well as combi boilers normal condensation boilers will normally run to one of the Honeywell Plans. Once it becomes clear that your boiler is heating the house when it isn't necessary, you should turn the thermostat down. Andy . To get the best combi boiler, it's crucial to go for a reliable brand that won't break down, and getting one that's the right size and fit for your home. My 10 year old Baxi Combi 105e has recently developed a mind of its own and will not switch the central heating off! 0. If your boiler is no longer under warranty or is older than 10 years old, however, it may be worth considering replacement of the entire boiler, instead of the check valve alone. Most of the time my boiler is working perfectly fine. Boiler is a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 418 Condensing boiler, it is controlled by an iflo programmer. Gas boiler (combi) switches off before reaching the temperature set on thermostat. Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by curtyd83, Dec 30, 2015. curtyd83 New Member. I know that the boiler is supposed to overun the pump when the boiler shuts off. The problem I have is that when the timer/controller says that the hot water should turn off, the pump doesn't - it just keeps running. Replies: 2 Views: 359. Like a lot of mechanical faults and appliance breakdowns, sometimes all a boiler needs is a ‘soft reset’. Reply. If you have a motorised valve how many ports will help to start with. I have Worcester Greenstar 24i 4 years old and the boiler shuts off if you increase the thermostat setting on the boiler slightly over 1/4 turn.so the heating is low and so is the hot water. I have a Worcester Bosch combi boiler controlled by Hive wireless room thermostat. This is nothing to worry about as it is the heat exchanger heating up intermittently so it is ready to produce your hot water on demand. To reset the boiler, turn the temperature control knob fully anticlockwise. Combination Boilers work by instantly heating water from the mains as soon as a shower or hot water tap is turned on making them efficient and also there is no need for a seperate water cylinder or tank. Share this conversation. 6227andrew. CTL 26 Nov 2019. hive heating won't turn on Keston C30 Combi Boiler HELP!! However, while the hot water is working fine, the heating no longer works. (*)I think mine is 0500 UTC(**) for half an hour and 1800 UTC for another half an hour. My Boiler is Not Working. Reply Any ideas? Another thought, If its not a combi boiler and running on a s-plan it may be that a two port valve is stuck open as this would send a signal to the boiler calling for heat. Oil fired central heating won't turn on unless I hit … Most pump problems are related to pumps not working. Place the thermostat face down on a counter, and open the back. If there is air in the system, then bleeding your radiators could resolve the problem. However, on rare occasions we are called out to boilers where the pump constantly runs and won’t switch off. Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 24 Ri boiler won't turn off !? ... Running an immersion heater is more expensive than heating the tank via the boiler (gas is cheaper per kWH than electricity) and likely costing you more in the long run than getting your system fixed properly. Replies: 9 Views: 801. muggles 19 Oct 2019. have a baxi combi instant 105e year 2002 heating coming on sometimes when set on timer plus does not turn on to constant heat to get heating on have to turn power off and reset boiler have had new timer ,new circuit board ,new pump fitted by british gas any help please thanks steve. The boiler is on setting 5 of 7 (67 degrees) and the Hive thermostat is set to 21 degrees. Important update! If you have a room thermostat there's no need to turn the heating off in summer either. Joined: 9 Dec 2010 Messages: 5 Thanks Received: 0 Location: Cornwall Country: Hi, I am after some advice please. CTL , 24 Nov 2019, in forum: Plumbing and Central Heating. have to turn it off with the boiler stat. The boiler is switching itself off due to in-built safety mechanisms – if it did not shut down, then the boiler could overheat. Show Less. On average, it costs almost £200 for a boiler repair – so it pays to invest in one that will last. When the boiler is operating, the gauge will usually rise to 1.5 bar or more.