Today when I arrived I went into the living room to check the thermostat and the light was off. There is one switch that turns everything on at once. If the ceiling fan remote uses RF (radio frequency) to control the fan, then yes, another remote control, or electronic noise from microwave ovens ham radios, and other devices can produce the frequency that can control your ceiling fan. At around 11ish pm every night, the fan turns itself on. Whether you have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan or other, having the fan turn on by itself can cause a problem. I leave it on for the most part to keep my fan running. There are a few reasons why this might occur. 1. I flip the switch twice and it comes back on, only to shut off again after a few minutes. This is the 5th time I have found the light to be on when I get there in the morning. The brand is called minkaAire. “Hampton Bay fans or light kits turning on and off by themselves, is almost always a dipswitch issue, 95% of the time. To change your ceiling fan frequency you'll need a ballpoint pen or a small screwdriver, a Philips head screwdriver and a ladder. I didn’t touch a thing I simply looked at the temperature. Detach the canopy from the mounting bracket. To change the frequency on your ceiling fan first, be sure to turn the power off at the circuit breaker box. … 3 - The fan or light functions on its own accord which means it turns itself … We have a ceiling fan with three lights that came with the house, and that is operated by an electronic switch driven by a 9V battery and with 5 buttons: Hi, Med, Lo, Off (for the fan) and Light (a toggle for the lights). This happens at random. I've come home after work to find the fans on, or the lights on. If you wait about 10 minutes, then you can turn the light on and start the whole process again. The fan is controlled by one light switch and the actual fan part works fine. I have a Casablanca ceiling fan----If you turn the light on with the switch it goes on, but turns off by itself in a few minutes, and it will not turn back on. Check your ceiling fan remote It was a very expensive fan, but I am SICK OF THIS!! The remotes are working fine, but the fans are turning themselves on and off! The light attached to the ceiling fan in my room turns on by itself. In one particularly problematic incident, my painter was laying a plastic tarp over furniture and the fan turned itself on and swallowed the tarp! ! We've had no problem for months (this is a new house) and today, all of a sudden, the light just shuts off. I came back not 5 min later and it was on. Possible causes could be a faulty light kit, the fuse in the light kit has blown, a faulty wall or remote control which could be either the handset or receiver, broken or faulty light switch or just incorrect installation. Sometimes at 2am, sometimes in the afternoon. However, when I flip on the wall light switch, the lights only flash on for about half a second and then they turn off again. To answer your question, I want to break this down into two parts. Ceiling fan light kit turns on slowly [ 7 Answers ] I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with a light kit that is only 3 months old. The remote control has a dimmer feature to it. Ceiling Fan Light Shuts off After Seconds - What Should I Do? Both the fan and light work off one wall switch that is not a dimmer switch. Below we analyze each part of the ceiling fan that could be causing this problem, and the steps you can take to attempt to rectify it. It is operated from a system of buttons where a normal light switch usually is. Part A will be the scenario that you have just purchased this fan and it is exhibiting this behaviour after installation. I can hear an audible "click" when it turns on and then another "click" when it turns off again. Retrieve the receiver and locate the dip switch settings. I just remodeled a house as a flip. The light and fan are wired separately and the light is on a 3 way switch. I installed a hunter ceiling fan with a remote control.