Here’s an overview of each: Swordsman – melee, tankers; Thief – melee, stealthy, fast and Hey guys, Aloe Leaflet here, So in this guide, I'm going to present you some basic yet vital knowledge about Alchemist Class. The main material for Plant bottle is Hard skin, Acid bottle is garlet, and the another bottle for Acid Terror and Improved Acid Demonstration is Immortal Heart (I don't make this one since I don't use both skills for PvE). If you want to donate and support us, click on the link below. _ Weight : 2. Find the best cards for slotting into your equipment. Maintenance cost is not that expensive as I'll explain them later on skill build section. And with my current equips I can easily one-hit orc lady with Sphere Parasitism. AFAIK Amistr taunt without rune is single target, no? For this reason also I can't input SP in this build because the lack of window to use SP in my rotation. Additional information that this equipment is focusing on physical attack. Max HP +36. "WHAT GOES UP... MUST COME DOWN!" Just wanna have fun with Creator as an alt char. But I'll skip PvP Build since currently I PvP using my General/MvP build. Loot / Draw / Craft Card. Bottle Grenade. Loot / Draw / Craft Card. Rune Nifelheim Clases Skills Alchemist. You try use the emulator sorry I don't know and never counts xD, Thanks so much for all of the hard work that went into presenting us with this great information. lvl ATK Armor Damage Chance 1 140% 3% 2 180% 7% 3 220% 10% 4 260% 12% 5 300% 13% AID POTION Requires Prepare Potion lvl 3, and is mastered at lvl 5. Loot / Draw / Craft Card. Demonic Fire throws a Bottle Grenade on the ground and set flames. My stats after buffs,etc are: 252 luk 191 dex 156 Int I have max Potion Research, Prepare Potion, and Job 70. Def +3. Also, since I personally not a born Creator (I'm originally a sniper, multi job to Whitesmith at 86 and to Creator at 88) I don't how to leveling in early level, you can try to check youtube videos or other guides about that. Throws a bottle of flammable liquid liquid at a targeted location that will continually inflict Fire property magic damage to all enemies within its area of effect. I'm not a Pro Genetic Player but I can at least enlighten you about the Alchemist Class. I'll explain later), and my Amistr is currently rocking at level 83. I know some people really don't care about efficiency in farming, but if you really want to be serious in Creator I would suggest you go the whitesmith route first then you can multi to creator later. Game content and materials are trademarks and … Profit! If you have any question feel free to ask it in the comment section and I'll try to help you if I can. Obviously, it really pales in comparison with other Creator builds out there but hey, I can just log in, do every daily quests and then just grind til red stamina with very minimal cost in my SP discharge while I get productive with my life. Hello without any offense I think you could just copy your text and post your own build rather than comment here in my guide. A skeleton shaped bottle which contains deadly poison. Requires 15 SP for a use. So it's not so bad. Consume 1 Acid Bottle Hellplant+1 runeHellplant damage / cast delaysHomun RepairIgnore def runes.Homun Runes (for amistr max warhorn, adamantiuim and taunt)AOE taunt. Choosing a Job Class. ลงวันที่ . Contemporary Art. Also note that I'll only mention the important skill/stat allocated, because basically everything outside that doesn't matter at all. Consumes 1 Acid Bottle for a use. ลงวันที่ . Basically the concept of my build here is to be able to dish out as high as possible dps. Acid Terror: 5 Throw a Acid Bottle at an enemy and inflict 200*Skill Level% ATK and has 5+10*(Skill Level - 1)% chance to break target's armor, 3*Skill Level% chance to inflict Bleeding status. But I won't talk about that because I myself haven't reach that point yet. Fire Fledgling Card x1. I know I'll be weak as a Genetic that's why I also invest at Whitesmith if I need to do something competitive. -Added Bottle Grenade & Acid Bottle materials to the Materials NPC in the mall.-Added new command @mall, warps players to the mall.-Doubled the damage of Sonic Blow while linked to balance with Mid rate stats. Not to mention that I could put 2 racial/size cards to it that will further improve my Hell Plant's damage potential than a Battle Berdyz[1]. I'll explain them all as brief as I can. There are basically 4 Types of stats and skill build which is General/MvP Build, Leveling Build, PvP Build, and last but not least a Crafter Build. All game submissions. Without offense, another reason is because in my humble opinion, the existing guide is made by people who only 'know' Creator, not entirely 'understand' how Creator works, not that I'm saying I understand Creator 100% but I want to try to clear some things up. Don't forget that your homunculus is also under the effects of War Horn so any atk it gets will also be buffed, further. Don't forget that each homunculus have their own level, so it's quite a pain in the ass to take all three of them to level 90. เกมส์เซ็นเตอร์. Even a guildies party. Madogear Fuel x1 2.58 %. Heart of Mermaid: Drop Glistening Coat: Zenorc's Fang: Drop Glistening Coat: Immortal Heart: Easier farming via Green Operation Coat + Scapel Combo (Genetic) also a normal Drop Acid Bottle: Seed Of Life: NPC Sold 60000->45600 Glistening Coat: Morning Dew Of Yggdrasil: NPC Sold 20000->15200 Embryo: Glass Tube: NPC Sold 5000->3800 Embryo: Empty Bottle: … Transgressive Art .. File; File history; File usage; Metadata; No higher resolution available. My amistr is level 90 and with 1 Homunculus Skill Point rune I can have max War Horn and Wild Clamor. This comes at a prize of Amistr losing 2% of its max HP per second... which is fine considering how powerful this skill is. Consume 1 Bottle Grenade; Note : I don't recommend using this skill because of poor damage and consuming. The damage is increased via +ATK cards, and status and +% cards have no effect. For current meta, the best would be soloing ET and as main dps in Oracle Dungeon. 2 quivers of Crystal, Stone; 3 quivers of Shadow, Immaterial; 5 quivers of Silver. Each weapon has different impacts on them. The other debatable equipment is armor, some people use tight slotted, some uses alloy mail slotted, some use alloy armor, whale use alloy armor slotted HAHA. Fiery area remains for 40 seconds. The Baby Flame Bird lives in lava zone and grows up by drinking the magma. Drop Items. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Acid Demonstration Set (Acid Bottle + Grenade Bottle) - Around 600 sets depending on how thrifty the Creator is; Glistening Coats - For Full Chemical Protection (50) Arrow & Arrow Quivers - Recommended amount 1 quiver of Fire, Wind. The rune is to take Sphere Parasitism, Sphere Mine, Ignore def, Atk rune and Amistr Blessing as I leveling with Amistr. 50 (00:00 น.) A skeleton shaped bottle which contains deadly poison. When used on another player, it will only deal 50% of it's original damage. Multiplication Card is a card that lets you use skill Sphere Parasitism without costing a Sphere Bottle, while the Sphere Parasitism itself is a skill that you relies so much for leveling, it is BAD but it's the BEST skill to level your Creator. Granted you can spam cooked meals for SP discharge but if you have no steady supply of Zenny to fund for it, you're stuck in limbo and your gear takes even longer to progress. But overall, you know the most effective way to grind is one-hit mobs. Monster Database > Fire Fledgling Fire Fledgling. Okay first thing first, I want to answer some of the frequently asked question as this question is literally asked to me whenever I join to a party that is not my regular party. 2017 Adventurer apk auction bard card cat cbt collection Cooking EP1.0 equipment eternal love event fashion gacha glast heim goblin guide guild interface item job King Poring list maintenance mercenary mobile new generation news pet popular quest ragnarok rank ro skill skill translation sneak peek tencent thief translation update updates wedding Copyright © 2018 Ragnarok Eternal Love Tavern. Fire Fledgling Card x1. Also I only have level 2 Call Homunculus as for this build I don't use Vanilmirth so level 2 is enough. I can only find 1 node and it bothers me a lot not knowing where the other is. Lunatic are small-sized, because they are just small. Pretty self explanatory. And if you're crazy rich, have 3 Mino/Desert Wolf cards for the stored bonus. Guide to alchemist potion making ragnarok online. In Ragnarok Mobile will need to go to any one of the features that quite! Deal Fire-elemental % PATK multiple target. Slot. Apr 28, 2017 - nebula in a bottle: fire/light based grenade type thing? Note: Some snipers opt to bring Arrow Craft materials instead to … I get that AOE taunt is for the boss mobs/ multiple boss in ET but hellplants can do the job (if you really dish out high damage). I think it's already common knowledge among the Creator community that your homunculus also benefit from its master's stats. If you're talking about the equipment then all jobs I believe when played seriously is expensive. Beschreibung: Gefährliche Legierung. By the way, your route is very interesting. Potion creation iro wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Why do I still fail when I make Bottle Grenades? From Ragnarok Wiki. I speak off from personal experience, so take everything I say with a sack(not grain) of salt. This is having my Life Physic at level 19, btw. Foro de Ragnarok Mobile; Foro; Database de items: Bottle. HIghest crit I get is a bit over 9k(insert DBZ "it's over 9000!!" -Frequently Asked Question about Creator-. -Building your Equipment and what to invest-. Also, I will probably updating the guide when I know something new AND when I have a free time lol. Deal Fire-elemental % PATK multiple target. Creator in my opinion, much useful in clearing ET and other late game contents. Gene Research adds INT which is good for getting some matk and SP regen for Acid Demo and Improve Acid Demo. So I mentioned earlier about my current weapon still not upgraded to Battle Berdyz(which I will refer to as BB from now on); this is my main reason for it... it's way cheaper to start safe refining a +8 BB to +10 BB than starting from +4 BB. Creates a 1 cell Fire Wall in the targetted cell, and can break weapons in PvP/WoE, or lower the enemies attack by 25% if fighting a monster. Each hit by Demonic Fire is treated like a melee attack, and will trigger cards that act upon them. Explore. By doing this, you can get Plant bottle with almost 15 times cheaper rather than just buy at npc. The brewing party usually consists off: 1. I don't buy Holy Dagger since I don't hunt small mobs, if you want hunt small mobs, then holy dagger is also an option. Each weapon has different impacts on them. The material can be farmed or you can just buy from exchange, buying from exchange will make you safe up to eight-fold while farming the mats alone by afk/pet adventure with alts gives you fifteen-fold. File; File history; File usage; Metadata; No higher resolution available. Loot / Draw / Craft Card. Blacksmith's skill Weapon Perfection could remove weapon size penalty for 60s. Collapse All . Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Scooped up release music video for “weed song” | utter buzz! Saved from Bottle grenade creation guide ragnarok. [Improved Acid Demonstration] and [Fire Expansion] Bottle Grenade cost -1: Max HP +36: Def +3: q. Rapid casting skill “Improved Acid Demonstration” 1.