The main difference between these two (nearly identical) ranges is that the 800 Series has AutoChef and the Benchmark has FlexInduction with PowerMove. Speed boost is a unique induction feature that pulls extra power to one or two burners for a short amount of time (usually ten minutes or less). It has the same user controls as the bigger Bosch induction cooktops and the same features as the bigger 500 Series induction cooktops. 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You can read more about these differences below. Induction heating is that fast. (When did manufacturers stop including a broiler pan with their stoves??). The sleek, modern design will fit well with most kitchen decors, while the features will help make your time in the kitchen a joy. Oven Modes: Bake, convection bake, convection multi-rack, pizza, roast, convection roast, broil, convection broil, proof, warm, Sabbath. Make your dream kitchen come true with flexible and functional spaces thanks to this Bosch 2-in-1 Cooktop with Integrated Ventilation. This makes them hard to see close up (although easy to see from across the kitchen). Many induction cooktops have a “bridge” element, allowing two burners to function as one large one. Remembers previous settings, making it easy to use your favorite setting. We already know that induction hobs are more energy efficient than other hobs, and the in-built flex induction zone saves even more energy. Note that unlike the other Bosch induction cooktops, the control panel on this model has Plus/Minus keys rather than a number pad. The advantage to AutoChef® is that, by using the cooking charts that come with the cooktop, you can know exactly how long to cook foods and get perfect results every time. Here's a 45 second video from Bosch-Canada describing AutoChef: FlexInduction with PowerMove is a great feature that allows the left two burners to be controlled as one large burner or three small ones. The Bosch 800 Series induction range cooktop is easy to use. It is large enough for two 9x13 pans or four dinner plates. (Star K is a kosher certification system.) buy bosch 24-in 500 series induction cooktop on aj madison now: Check Price on AmazonCheck best dealer price. Bosch installation requirements are standard for most kitchens. Frequently Asked Questions: Induction Cooking FAQ … So if you're in the market for an induction range, this one might just be a perfect fit. * Model numbers may be slightly different on different sites. The Bosch 800 Series Induction cooktop, #NIT8069SUC, helps us cook with precise temperature control while looking fantastic in our kitchen. Burners (3600W), Right Flexzone (inches): 15 x 8, or two 7-in./8-in. It has a large display panel in the center that's easy to read, one-touch mode selection buttons, and a numeric keypad for setting times and temperatures. Bosch induction cooktops boast a wide range of modern features that put the fun back into cooking. Let’s start off with one of the best and one of our personal favorites. They're as deep as freestanding stoves and don't typically require extra trim. You can also set the timer for each burner and set Panel Lock, Speed Boost, Keep Warm, or use the kitchen timer by selecting it and then setting, if necessary. But if you want to, you can press zero or On/Off to deactivate the entire cooktop. All four components are high-powered while also effective at heating at deficient heating levels, and this version also features intuitive and impressive touch controls. This short video shows how PotSense works: You can set a timer for each burner individually. Pauses settings temporarily so you can clean as you cook. This diagram shows installation requirements: And here's what the range looks like installed: Bosch designed all of its new slide-in ranges to fit into any existing 30-inch space. But if you’re searching for instantaneous, flexible heat and the ease of an induction cooktop, then this version out of Empava might be a great purchase. While all induction burners do this to some degree (because they can only heat when there is contact with a magnetic pan), the Bosch actually has different sized elements within each burner that can operate separately. Help other people buy wisely, too! If they sell nationally, they will have contracts with service providers in every major US city. The FlexInduction® zone also has a PowerMove™ feature that divides the flex area into 3 different power levels. For all of these reasons, we enthusiastically recommend Bosch induction cooktops. The oven controls are on the front of the stove and are the same for both models: The slightly angled panel makes the controls both easy to operate and easy to see from several feet away. The User Manual has detailed information on each mode, and also on how to customize the settings for your preferences (indicator beeps, display preferences, panel lock, etc.). :), Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2017. Bosch's latest induction cooktops includes temperature sensors to monitor your food while it cooks. see the Bosch induction ranges at see 30-Inch Benchmark with stainless bevel on Amazonsee the 30-inch Benchmark best online dealer price! Comments (17) rfrank1031: My understanding--after considerable due diligence--regarding the placement of an Induction Cooktop over a Wall Oven is that Miele (and POSSIBLY Electrolux) are the only ones that allow that placement. Electrical and Installation Requirements--understand what's involved in installing this stove in your kitchen. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but highly functional. The Bosch cooktop was purchased to replace another major brand of induction cooktop which gave us nothing but trouble during the past two years. The Bosch Serie 8 90cm induction cooktop also contains a FlexInduction Zone, which gives you the option of connecting different cooking zones to create one large zone to fit small pots or slightly bigger cookware. Turning an induction burner off isn't necessary as it will shut off by itself after 60 seconds if no pot is detected. This is also the case with gas cooktops–but because you can see the gas ring, nobody has an issue with it. see 30-Inch Benchmark without stainless bevel on Amazon. Please call Member Services at 1-800-333-0663. IMPORTANT: The electrical and installation requirements are the same for both the 800 Series and Benchmark Bosch Slide-In Induction Ranges. You'll pay about $700 more for the Benchmark model, but for that extra cost, you get Bosch's fabulous FlexInduction system, which turns half of the cooktop into one large induction zone suitable for oversized pans, or several small ones. The flex zone is denoted as a large rectangle rather than two round burners as the entire area heats up. California residents. Their website is also well organized and easy to use. Affordable luxury brands--including JennAir, Samsung, and KitchenAid--have features similar to basic brands, but they have the looks of luxury brands. When you buy a Bosch 800 Series 36" Induction Cooktop with 5 Burners with Home Connect online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Note: Power boost only usable on two burners at a time. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Bosch Part #: NET8668UC on this page. It's our favorite, and we think it's totally worth the extra money. It has been building home appliances since the 1930s. Sign In. For a large pan (a griddle is a perfect example), you can control the flex zone as one burner, so the entire zone heats up uniformly--no cold spots! For more information check out the Bosch website. Bosch PXE875DC1E/01 (Induction Cooktop): 2.3 out of 5 stars from 11 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Used in conjunction with the burner timer--which automatically shuts the burner off when the time has elapsed--AutoChef can come in very handy. The Bosch NIT8069UC is therefore a viable option for people wanting a sleek, smart home friendly induction cooktop. For example, if you set it for 350F, it will remain there no matter what you add to or remove from a pan. 240V/40 amps (standard electrical stove hookup). The 800 Series and Benchmark are available with or without a steel bevel; the 500 Series is only available without a bevel. Turning an induction burner off isn't necessary as it will shut off by itself after 60 seconds if no pot is detected. See the Bosch benchmark Induction Range at, SEE THE BOSCH INDUCTION RANGES AT AJMADISON.COM. In terms of reliability, Wolf and Bosch brands (Thermador, Gaggenau) are on our most reliable induction cooktop list over the last 12 months. They’re well placed on the cooktop--front and center--so they’re easy to use, and you can figure out most of them without consulting the manual. Check out our articles about induction: Induction Range Reviews: The Best 30-Inch Induction Ranges, Range Hoods and Induction Cooking: What You Need to Know. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For example, if you want to use the Bake mode, press Bake, then select a temp using the number pad and press Enter. Read our unbiased review of Bosch. SEE THE BOSCH 800 SERIES INDUCTION RANGE ON AMAZON. Electrolux EI30IF40LS Induction Range #1: Bosch HII8055U 800 Series Slide-In Induction Range. It has 5 heating elements, with the largest one in the center and two on either side. AutoChef (precision temperature control) on left front and right front burners. For a close-up look at the oven control panel, see "Oven Controls" below. You turn it on, select a burner, and press a number in the line below (1-9, with half steps included) to adjust the setting. Have you tried using the 10-inch pan on the smaller burner? But because the entire flex zone is made up of several small heating elements, you can also use it for many small pans simultaneously. The largest burner is in the center, with two medium burners to the left and a small one to the right and in front. This four-burner induction cooktop is popular thanks to its easy operation, quick-cleaning surface, and efficient heating abilities. It's one of the few on our lineup that provides power-boost capabilities on all four burners. Yet, because the burners still form a square, there's no guessing which element on the control panel belongs to which burner (which can sometimes be a problem on cooktops with electronic control panels). Induction likes to have a full pan before it heats up–and again, because of the burner size, you may just be getting the inner ring, and because you’re using cast iron, the heat isn’t going to distribute across the pan very well (or at least not very fast). Slide-Ins have controls in the front and an overhanging cooktop for a more custom look. Gas is also not as fussy about pre-heating, which may be another issue for you: your pan may not be preheating very well without food in it. You can use convection with baking, roasting, and broiling. The oven immediately starts heating in Bake mode. Also, consider buying from an appliance dealer like AJ Madison instead of Amazon. You should read these specific reviews on each induction range carefully to see which one of these suits your kitchen and is worthy of the best lifelong investment. Bosch is a reliable affordable luxury brand with a lot of great features. The 17 best Bosch Home Appliances Induction Cooktops in 2020 ranked based on consumer reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. The Bosch 800 Series induction cooktop is equipped with Home Connect™, Bosch's Internet connectivity that allows you to control the cooktop from any smart home device or smart phone, connect your smart appliances together with IFTT technology, monitor remotely, operate the range hood, and more. Induction is definitely better than either electric or gas. This Bosch lacks any extra features, such as specialized or dual-ring burners, special simmer settings, built-in skillets, or warming zones. Frigidaire FGIS3065PF Induction Range (Best Overall) Finally, if you want to spend a few hundred dollars more, you can have the FlexInduction technology that will revolutionize how you cook and make you the envy of all your friends. Product Reviews (12) Quick Ship ... Bosch 800 Series . The electromagnet inside an induction burner. It weighs 41 pounds. There will be some variability, but the range can do a remarkable job of keeping the temperature consistent. Safety Lock: This safety feature prevents unwanted activation so children cannot inadvertently turn on the cooktop. Cooktop Surface Size (in inches): 31 x 21.25. (Yes, they're a German company, but they make most of their appliances in the USA.). See the manual for more details. Bosch provides excellent instructions with purchase, or you can download them from their website. Yet electronic panels are the future, so we’re only going to see more of them in coming years. The Plus key increases time by 30 minutes, while the Minus key does so by 10 minutes. It looks great, it's easy to use and clean, and it has the best of both worlds: a high-tech electric oven and an even higher-tech induction cooktop. Bosch warrants that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three hundred sixty-five (365) days from date of purchase. Press the desired power level. We think it is a great design. Induction is more precise than both gas and conventional electric cooking. The Bosch NGM8655UC Gas Cooktop. They offer package deals so you can save if you're buying a suite of appliances. See Bosch Benchmark appliance package on A. J. Madison, See Bosch 800 Series appliance package on A. J. Madison (black stainless). SpeedBoost™ sends extra power to a burner for a short time, such as to rapidly bring water to a boil. … The Bosch cooktop is really well designed and the layout is absolutely wonderfull as we do a lot of multipot cooking, and it allows you to easily use all … The Bosch NGM8655UC 800 Series is a 36 inch gas cooktop. The quality of the Bosch cooktop has been good so far. The power cord (standard 240V plug-in) is sold separately. Each burner has an individual timer for up to 99 minutes that shuts the burner off automatically after the time has run out. See how GE compares to the best Electric Cooktop. Bosch induction cooktops have 17 power levels, providing excellent, granular control. SEE THE BOSCH 800 SERIES INDUCTION RANGE AT Wal-Mart.COM. 9-inch Front Left Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 3700W/2200W, 6-inch Rear Left Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 1800W/1400W, 11-inch Center-Back Right Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 3600W/2400W. Color: Stainless Steel/black glass or Black stainless steel/black glass. The warming drawer, below the main oven, is ideal for keeping food or plates warm before serving. Search for: bosch 800 series induction cooktop reviews. Whereas, the Bosch cooktop 800 series 30-inch model only comes with two 5,500 BTU burners and two 9,100 BTU burners.. This applies to the 500-series, 800-series and Flexinduction models. Got two more opinions. A 30-inch freestanding stove is interchangeable with a 30-inch slide-in stove. SEE THE BOSCH BENCHMARK INDUCTION RANGE AT lowes.COM. However, most modern stoves have safety features such as these--and those that don’t are likely to have them within a few years. I realize you shouldn’t have to worry about these sorts of things when you spend this kind of money on a cooktop. Your email address will not be published. You will find some of the best design in the affordable luxury appliance category, while still fitting into standard kitchen spaces (e.g., 30 or 36 inches for a range or cooktop). Clad stainless, with its copper and/or aluminum core, will distribute heat much more evenly and quickly. 17 heat settings (1-9, with intermediate settings between each number). Find the The Bosch Group Oven that is right for you. When you buy a Bosch 800 Series 36 Whether you've decided on Bosch or are still shopping around, this article will help you decide which induction cooktop to buy. (Also, some people actually prefer electronic controls--they're certainly easier to keep clean, which is a huge plus.). The freestanding is finished on all sides, thus the name: it can stand on its own without countertop on both sides. There are two crucial rules to follow when buying online in order to protect your purchase and ensure you get the best post-sale service: Even just 10 years ago, the extended warranty was considered a waste of money. Induction ranges are 25% repair in the first year. If you're not familiar with appliance installations, it's well worth the money to pay a professional installer. When you buy a Bosch 800 Series 36 The 17 best Bosch Home Appliances Induction Cooktops in 2020 ranked based on consumer reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. They have a huge selection and provide warranties and service on all their products. Bosch is a German company whose appliances fall into the affordable luxury category. It’s called “flex” because you can use the flex zone as one large burner or as several small ones. It boils water in about half the time of conventional electric cooktops. Yes. (Or, for the 30-inch 500 Series, press the Plus or Minus key until you’ve reached the desired setting. 7-inch Left Front Burner (With/Without SpedBoost): 7-inch Left Rear Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 9-inch/12-inch Center Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 6-inch Right Rear Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 9-inch Right Front Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): FlexInduction and AutoChef provide convenience, Internet connectivity/smart appliance capability, Electronic controls can be problematic when surface is wet. BOSCH - NIT8669SUC - Induction Cooktop Use of cookies Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Bosch - 800 Series 30" Electric Induction Cooktop. Because of the Plus/Minus keys, it may take you longer to set temperatures and use the timer. Here's a look at the Bosch Benchmark slide-in induction range cooktop (courtesy of See "Cooktop Controls" below for a close-up view of the control panel. – and whether or not this model is worth the hype. The Bosch NITP066UC is an induction cooktop with a variety of advanced features for home cooks. The AutoChef feature exclusive to the Bosch 800 series cooktops allow for precise pan heating and the ability to maintain constant temps over an extended time period. My theory is that this happens because as cast iron gets hotter, its magnetic properties decrease. Which for the life of me I cannot understand why that is the case since the same pots and pans were great with the Kenmore. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The appliance manufacturer will also add similar sensors to its Series 8 ovens. The Bosch slide-ins are designed to fit in any 30-inch space. The user manual explains what each mode is for and how to use it. For example, never walk away from a pan set to Speed Boost, and don't think you have to time to chop an onion while the oil heats in the pan--you don't. They may be willing to haggle and price match if you happen to find a lower price elsewhere. The control panel is identical to all Bosch induction cooktops except the 30-inch 500 Series (which has Plus/Minus keys instead of a number pad). Learn how your comment data is processed. Power boost on all burners--can boil water in about half the time of conventional electric, AutoChef (800 Series only) holds precision temperature using feedback from pan, FlexInduction w/PowerMove (Benchmark only) has flex zone for oversized cookware or automatically changing temp zones (Hi/Med/Low) for easy switching from cook to hold, PreciseSelect allows direct setting of burner (no menu to scroll through), 17 settings for precise heat control, including Power Boost and Keep Warm, Overhanging top eliminates cracks for easy cleaning. This feature prevents the cooktop from being accidentally switched on, and also locks the temperature setting while in use. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Bosch - 800 Series 36" Electric Induction Cooktop - Black. You can also set the timer for each burner and set Panel Lock, Speed Boost, or use the kitchen timer. buy the 30-In Bosch Benchmark Induction cooktop (without bevel): buy  the 30-in bosch Benchmark induction cooktop (with bevel): buy 30-in Bosch Benchmark induction cooktop at best dealer price: Check Price on AmazonCheck Best Online Price. Both types of stoves have approximately the same measurements. (This is where most of our links go.) Color: Black with gray printing and red LED display. The heat indicator has two stages that alert you to the cooling down process. (Note: This Bosch has it all.). Consult the manufacturer ( for details. How do you decide which features best meet your cooking needs and style? ), The 4 Most Amazing Cookware Deals of 2020, Ceramic Frying Pans: Better than PTFE? Bosch has excellent offerings at different price points. If you don't want that, we suggest you go with the least expensive 500 Series model, as the Auto Chef feature of the 800 Series isn't a terribly useful feature. 7,200 watts with a circuit breaker of 30amps. They are similar on other models: There are two ways to turn on a burner (applicable to all models except the 30-inch 500 Series). See the Bosch website for more information. Bosch induction cooktop reviews wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of the control panels on these products. Each burner has an individual timer for up to 99 minutes. These are standard American electrical requirements. When you buy a Bosch 800 Series 36" Electric Cooktop with 5 Burners online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. The lines on the burners help with proper pan placement. I think you are using old photographs for your Benchmark Model (HIIP056). FlexInduction Zone with PowerMove technology, PreciseSelect (direct heat selection on burners). We do extensive research and testing on every product we review. I don't miss gas at all! Required fields are marked. (Note: It's about $200.) Separate settings make it easy to use. To change (to Low or High), press the button until you reach the setting you want. pan Hi Jen, If you're looking for a full-featured oven, you can stop looking. Bosch warrants that the Product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three hundred and sixty-five (365) days from the date of purchase. There are two types of ranges: freestanding and slide-in. The luxury design of these brands is also evident in the Bosch appliances. Here's a short video (45 seconds) demonstrating how Speed Boost works: Because Speed Boost pulls wattage from another burner, you can only operate it on two burners at a time. Warming Drawer with separate settings, large enough for 2 9x13-in. We highly recommend This is due to how the burners draw power. (Or, for the 30-inch 500 Series, press the Minus key until you reach 0.). Uncategorized December 2, 2020 Leave a comment December 2, 2020 Leave a comment Consumer Reports also did a study on overall cooktop brand reliability. (There isn't enough power to operate more than two at the same time.). The 24-inch is not a standard cooktop size in the US, but this is an excellent option for small spaces: RVs, boat galleys, or any tiny kitchen. The stainless bevel is available on 800 Series and Benchmark models. We also recommend buying from an appliance dealer over Amazon. Bosch PIJ611BB1E (Induction Cooktop): 3.8 out of 5 stars from 9 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site You may get better results. For more information, see our article How to Buy Online: Teach Yourself About Technical Products and Get What You Can Truly Love. Bosch NIT3065UC Review In this review, you’re going to learn about the Bosch NIT3065UC 300 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop and its counterpart the 500 series which comes in stainless steel. his particular stove is "recommended" by Consumer Reports. See "Cooktop Controls" below for a close-up of the control panel. Speed Boost is so fast, it can require a learning curve to use. The Bosch NITP066UC is an induction cooktop with a variety of advanced features for home cooks. In this review of Bosch’s 36” Induction Cooktop Benchmark™ Series (NITP666UC), we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of a having induction style cookware – does the convenience really outway the cost? Is this a stove you can love? 36 Inch Gas Cooktop with 5 Sealed Burners, Continuous Grates, ... 31 Inch Smart Induction Cooktop with … All the burner zones have Speed Boost, although only two (one from each side at a time) can be operated at the same time. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Bosch Part #: NIT8069UC on this page. For me, it will heat up and work for awhile, then the burner will just shut off, as if it stopped detecting a pan. Bridged burners can have an unheated area between them, and they do not have the capability to heat several small pans at once. Check out best dealer price on 30-inch 800 Series Bosch induction cooktop, Check out best dealer price on 36-inch 800 Series Bosch induction cooktop. The Benchmark Series is Bosch's flagship product and has FlexInduction® and AutoChef®. They are willing to deal! 3 heating elements: top, bottom (under the oven floor), and around the convection fan, Recessed 8 pass broil element with convection capability, An Advanced Circulation System (ACS) for convection that cooks food more evenly in up to 30% less time, Meat probe that switches off oven when internal temp is reached, Convection temperature conversion--you can manually change the temp if results are consistently too light or too dark. We also test pro-style induction cooktops from Bosch, Dacor, GE ... or pan will work on an induction cooktop. The technical details of the Bosch 30 inch induction cooktop are as follows. Yes, this is frustrating, or at least it is until you get the hang of using it. I feel they are false advertising their burner size! They also don't give off any dangerous fumes like gas flames do, keeping your kitchen safer (and also cleaner and cooler). The Bosch 80cm, 4 zone induction cooktop is a new and modern innovation in heating. The cooktop continually monitors and regulates temperatures for even frying. When you buy a Bosch 800 Series 30" Induction Cooktop with 4 Burners with Home Connect online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Bosch NIT8069UC 30″ 800 Series Smart Induction Cooktop Next on the list is your Bosch NIT8069UC 800 series, which features four burners plus a different jet-black design profile.