Wondering what the future holds? (M Nandakumar retired from Indian Administrative Service in 2016. In part of a series of Argentinian commercials for Beldent Sensations featuring gum creatures James, Eddie and Wachi, James and … 2) How common or rare it is to find a trident in a palm? Watch Me On YouTube. To have more than one cross means the person can predict future events. [Fig 4] All the mounts (planets) in her palm were supposedly very well developed. Palm reading, aka palmistry, can tell you a lot about life. According to Acharya Indu Prakash, it is considered auspicious to have a sign of a trident in the palm. Trident Limited, E-212, Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141001, India. For instance, the sign of a trident on the Mount of Sun indicates that the person would be the owner of a house soon. Donald Trump is a brilliant businessman and TV celebrity is now 45th president of the United States of America. Without sun line, a person leads an ordinary life, without any name and fame. People who are palmistry practitioners are called palm … Trident On The Mount Of Jupiter . If the fate line ends in a trident on the mount of Saturn as shown the person will acquire significant amount of wealth through land dealings. Trident: If there is a symbol of the trishul on the area around Mount Venus then there is an increase in feelings of love, piety and beauty in the person. 10)M sign on palm If the heart line,head line and the life line makes a letter M like shape as shown is a good indication of wealth after marriage. onmanorama-topic-general-topics-43-zodiac-signs onmanorama-topic-general-topics-39-sun-signs 5bbotu5s9jm18itulu9rh20fcr onmanorama-topic-general-topics-34-religion https-www-onmanorama-com-acp onmanorama-topic-general-topics-4-astrology https-www-onmanorama-com-lifestyle https-www-onmanorama-com-lifestyle-astro, Published: December 09, 2019 04:48 PM IST, ( For more than one recipient, type addresses seperated by comma ), Are planets in your favour for a business? The trident is considered a symbol of Lord Shiva. Usually fate line indicates the luck of a person, but he can be lucky without a fate line, if … In palm reading, Confucius Eye is also known as phoenix eye and it is an eye-like circle sign at … You will need to look at the palm carefully, this may be, under the light of the sun, or using a strong magnifying glass, this will enable the possibility of finding highly detailed symbols - such as the psychic triangle. Sign of a Spearhead. He/She will have the comforts of life with fame and richness. This symbol shows that the subject escaped getting burnt or even drowned because of witchcraft activities. Palmistry. Celebrating over 10 years online. You are always looking for adventure in life and are successful people. On Lower Middle part of Palm: Trident sign on lower middle part of palm is the indicator of good luck. This symbol is present with people who have some kind of protection in life. Trident. People with the sign of a wheel on their palm will bear the highest position of power. He can be contacted over phone numbers: 9495551142, 9496447755. Star : If a star is present on Mount Venus then it does not allow a person to succeed in (matters pertaining to love relationships) sexual matters. 1) What is the significance of a trident in general and what is significance of two? Wealth will also come into their possession. If you have a diamond sign on your palm, you like to explore different avenues of life and are very experimental. Face Readings. I have noticed that I have two tridents on my right palm (dominant) hand. He is honored in the society. This article is a stub. Email: nandakumartvm1956@gmail.com). Wastage only of time and money comes his way. The subject will have excellent knowledge of the roots and other herbal treatments to help people in life. A big triangle is indicative of large-hardheartedness of an individual. I do not usually read symbols like the fish … Find out now. This means that if a person has that on his hand and if he puts … How does the life line in the palm of an achiever look like? The tridents can be in either an upward or downward direction. To see a triangle upside down in this area means that the subject is psychic. Square on you life line indicates your life will be full of enjoyments and longevity. Peridot: Know the precious gem which Cleopatra used, Twitching of eyes and what it implicates astrologically, The ritual of salt-offering at a Subramanya temple in Kerala, Know your lucky colour for apparel, see if it fulfils wishes, Hand lines can easily tell your mood and personality traits, Remove those tiles kept closer to wall: 5 vastu tips to dispel ill luck, bring fortunes, Know these new age stones used for holistic wellness, Zodiac sign tells a lot about parenting style, know yours. If below the psychic triangle a delta shape appears then this means they are in a holy team. If the sign is close to trapezoid and tightly formed by fate line, life line, head line and health line, it symbolizes a big treasury which means a plenty of property, such as house and car. There was a long and clear Fate line, a Jupiter line and a Sun line. 6/20. A butterfly and flower shape is indicative of the collaboration with the spiritual kingdom. To locate a pyramid shape on your hand means the subject's past lives have encountered the ancient Egyptians who assisted the subject in talent and mysterious ways. Uncover spiritual secrets today by watching my videos on YouTube. A palm is read from thumb to pinky, so the closer the line is to the thumb, the earlier the time of life. © Copyright 2020 Manorama Online. If you have Square sign on the fate line, then you are lucky as your fate rises at a very early age.If square is on heart line then your family life will be full of happiness. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Trident Society locations in Palm Springs, CA. A fish sign on the palm is an oblong circle with a pointed end. It indicates trouble, disappointment, danger and sometimes crisis in the life of a subject. The most acclaimed illustrated palm reading guide. One can see such triangles in the palm at different places. One of the big lines branches off into three parts. If pointed downwards, this means they have been dwelling in black magic. The tridents can be in either an upward or downward direction. Check out. The spearhead symbolizes conversion. If it's on upper side of Jupiter then quarantee on position, power and if it's on sun then creative talents and in money, real estate and speculation and so on. However, it is seen that lines on the palm can give indications about profession; good and bad fortune; talents and drawbacks of the person. There can be various marks on the mount of Jupiter and these include squares, upward branches, circles, griddles, islands and triangles. In ancient times palmists read the hands of wealthy people, such as lords, ladies, judges and people with a good standing. Astrologers can read lines related to money and foretell the future prospects in this regard. Subscribe Now to Watch me when I am next online. The clearer the shape is and the more there are on the palm, the protection is stronger and more comprehensive. Meanwhile, the money line starts from below the index finger. We’ve gathered up some basic palmistry principles that are easy to learn, with a special emphasis on love, relationships, and attachment. Go live with Manorama Online App, the number one Malayalam News site on our mobiles and tablets. The person posting the comment will be in sole ownership of its responsibility. To locate a little triangle then this means there are various souls that you will encounter. The characteristics of a cross are opposite to that of a star and it is seldom found as a favourable sign.