Similarly, Dr. Elefun, voiced by Bill Nighy, is weirdly overwrought with paternal angst, and doesn't even seem to be a scientist in this film. This movie is way better than some of the animation that have come out recently for Marvel. Astro Boy and Professor Ochanomizu investigate the disappearances of campers and mountaineers in the ice mountains, and discover a scientist who unleashes a swarm of snails on the world. I was expecting something really horrible. Dr. Boyton creates a super-robot named Astro Boy who can swim oceans, leap over mountains, and even fly into space! Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist named TENMA (Nicolas Cage). Secret gangsters, Sexy Korean woman, old policeman and pastors exist in their…. A very well thought out little story that will warm your heart and encourage your little ones to treat all people with dignity and respect! Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2015. He's going through an Avenger's phase at the moment. Video availability outside of United States varies. Astro Boy subtitles. It was very distracting (to someone who used to spend hours drawing his cartoon and knowing so well that the point should always be over his right eyebrow.) So buy now! Its about a scientist who builds a robot to replace his dead son; but when the son discovers that he's a robot, he goes out into the world to find his life's purpose. Astro Boy, known in Japan by its original name Mighty Atom (Japanese: 鉄腕アトム, Hepburn: Tetsuwan Atomu), is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. There were parts which seemed a little quirky and almost out-of-place but as the Astroboy manga was quirky in places this didn't detract from the film. With Freddie Highmore, Nicolas Cage, Kristen Bell, Charlize Theron. It's a cute movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was greatly surprised that my daughter did too. Although a robot Astro was intended to look indistinguishable from a human being as he was designed to resemble Tobio Tenma. Astro soon discovers that he has rockets inside his body, supernatural strength, and a variety of other unnatural abilities. This one exceeded all our expectations. Set in the futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy (Atom) is a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the son he had lost. A thrilling tale of a true hero, ASTRO BOY is an all-new, feature film full of action, adventure, humor and heart. I'm a big old school Marvel fan myself, growing up collecting comic books and trading cards. When the head of a statue sacred to a village is stolen, a young martial artist goes to the big city and finds himself taking on the underworld to retrieve…, A 16-year-old girl raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe. The language was clean. Have a blast.. Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the son he has lost. The voice acting by Nicholas Cage and Donald Sutherland leave something to be desired, and some of that may also be due to the deadpan expressions their animated depictions wear through most of the movie. His hair has two spikes one on the the left of his head point… When an android replica of a boy is rejected by his aggrieved creator, he goes off to find his own identity in an adventure that would make him the greatest hero of his time. Astro Boy Japanese Animated series which tells the tale of a permanently youthful robot boy modeled after the deceased son of a research scientist. Fast delivery, well packed, as described. Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2016. Otherwise it was a sweet movie. his jet power and weaponry, with this particular type of animation. It will be brought to life on the big screen in breathtaking CGI animation on October 23, 2009. Status : Released Languages spoken : English Youtube Id :-youtube_id- Release Date of film : 2009-10-23 Original title : Astro Boy Movie Genre : Action, Animation, Science Fiction, Family, Average rate : 6.1 Societies of production : Tezuka Production Company Ltd. Osamu Tezuka (aptly dubbed 'God of Manga') was greatly inspired by Walt Disney and had his space age character experience a similar level of success in Japan as Mickey had in America. Genre: Action, Animation, Comedy, Family, Science Fiction, Actors: Bill Nighy, Donald Sutherland, Eugene Levy, Freddie Highmore, Kristen Bell, Nicolas Cage, Sterling Beaumon, A deep cover operative awakens to find himself imprisoned on a submarine. A Pinocchio-like figure becomes a publicly renowned superhero complete with laser-firing fingers, uncanny hearing, and jet-powered boots. Astro Boy PG • Action • Family • Animation • Adventure • Science Fiction • Anime • Movie • 2009 A scientist creates a robot boy with super powers, x-ray vision and … Movies. Just stop reading my review and buy! | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2015. There are definitely some emotional parts that might overwhelm some children. Astro Boy (2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Watch Astro Boy 2009 Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Free Online | astro boy 2009 hindi dubbed movie download full movie in hindi 300mb 2009-bluray-720p-free-download Download Astro Boy 2009 720p Movie Download, Direct download 720p 1080p high quality movies just in single Astro Boy 2009 1080p Bluray x264 Read on as I share with you more about the movie and where to download Astro Boy . Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 20, 2010. A plot that is simple enough for kids to stay engaged while not making Mom and Dad want to gouge their eyes out. HD. Astro Boy is a fun and exciting animated film that has a deep interesting story about it. He lands on a wild and unexplored planet and with the help of Buck, a survival robot, he will have to hold until the arrival of a rescue mission. Tracked by a ruthless operatives, she faces startling revelations about her…, As children, Suraj and Amar had helplessly watched a police inspector beat their poor father to death by throwing him from a window of a multi-storied building. Astro Boy is a 2009 computer-animated superhero film loosely based on the manga series of the same name by the Japanese writer and illustrator Osamu Tezuka.Directed by David Bowers, who co-wrote the screenplay with Timothy Hyde Harris, it stars Freddie Highmore, Kristen Bell, Nicolas Cage, Bill Nighy, Matt Lucas, Eugene Levy, Nathan Lane, Samuel L. Jackson, Charlize Theron, and Donald Sutherland. Included with HBO on Amazon for $14.99/month. Excellent Movie for children and adults. Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2015. Deleted Scene : When Ali Baba suspects that Astro Boy has 1000x hearing, he breaks the fourth wall by telling the viewers to mute the volume of the TV. Maybe children’s films should all get double review grades: one for kids, and another for their parents and guardians. Directed by David Bowers. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. I was a huge fan of Astro Boy cartoons back in the 60's - and this movie touched on many fond memories, however, why was Astro Boy's point on top of his head always switching from one side to another? Astro Boy (1951) is to Japan what Mickey Mouse (1928) is to the US. The character of Toby/Astro was one of the better ones, relatively speaking, although the script kinda simplified the challenges he faced, probably to make it more relatable to a young viewer. Endowed with super strength, rocket-powered flight, a selfless heart and a kind demeanor, Astro Boy fights a never-ending crusade against the forces of evil! Being a father, I'm always looking for things to watch with my son. She is eight years old now. Astro Boy (Japanese: 鉄腕アトム, Hepburn: Tetsuwan Atomu, "Mighty Atom", lit. The episode centers on Astro Boy being sent to investigates sights of dinosaurs in the nearby Midoro swamp after recent events. As long as trouble's brewing across the universe, the small but powerful robot, Astro Boy, will … Upon the destruction of their ship, Willy is separated from his parents. Watch Astro Boy Full Movie Streaming Online Duration 94 minutes and broadcast on 2009-10-23 MPAA rating is 107. Tetsuwan Atom (Famicom Game) Tetsuwan Atom (Super Famicom Game) Astro Boy: Omega Factor; ... Astro Boy Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Honestly, I was mainly fascinated by the way the main characters hair triangle kept changing sides. But she liked this. It's fun to see the realization of the classic Astro Boy's hidden talents, i.e. Good triumphed over evil. With Gary Daniels, Marshal Hilton, Courtney Akbar, Louis Mandylor. Good storyline about alienation and acceptance, community, and the destructive nature of the lust for power. Directed by Asif Akbar. "Iron Arm Atom") is a Japanese television series that premiered on Fuji TV on New Year's Day, 1963 (a Tuesday), and is the first popular animated Japanese television series that embodied the aesthetic that later became familiar worldwide as anime.